Helping Heroes

militaryWe will soon be kicking off the start of our annual Hope for the Holidays campaign. This year, we will be collecting donations for military families with autism. As always, we will be working to collaborate with other groups, collecting donations and delivering them to recipients as part of our Hope for the Holidays drive.
Recipients helped by our Hope for the Holidays campaign may include children’s homes, shelters, schools, children’s hospitals, group and assisted living centers, and other community centers, groups, or organizations.

If you know of a group in need, please feel free to e–mail us at: This year, we will be focused on donating to military families with autism. Continue reading

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Being Different Shouldn’t Hurt

Taylor SwiftI’ve seen a lot of celebrities speaking out about embracing differences. I think it’s been happening more in the last decade or so than ever before. When I was a teenager, no one seemed to care what freaks like me dealt with as individuals. I want to be happy and encouraged by all these concerned celebrities, PSA’s and programs. Sometimes I have to wonder if it’s just lip service. I’ve spent some time thinking about it, so I did some research. I have read a lot about some of those who are speaking out and their causes. Johnny Depp, Bruno Mars, Ellen, and others have opened up about overcoming bullying in the past. Throughout history, people who stand out have usually been abused for their differences in some way. Continue reading

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Name Change Announcement

indexThe ICAA announces its name change to the Council for Autism and Neurodiversity (CAN). The new name more accurately reflects the mission, focus, and efforts for the organization, and its vision. We are proud to announce this change. The organization was founded as the International Coalition for Autism and All Abilities (ICAA) in an inspiring effort to help fill the void of practical supports, services, education, and advocacy for autistic individuals as well as individuals and families with all different abilities. The ICAA had an ambitious and noble desire to help improve systems across the community related to accessibility, education, safety, and community supports, while also helping to provide more direct support to these under–served groups. Continue reading

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